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 Join Sheet Example

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PostSubject: Join Sheet Example   Sat Oct 08, 2011 10:10 pm

Name:(Please find an actual Indian name if joining a tribe)
Age:(In years)
Tribe/Settlement:(If tribe put which)
History:(Must have and run along with the plot. Sorry)
RP Sample:

Copy and paste the above and start a new topic with the title "Your RPs Name" Join Forum.
Great place to look for name by the way. (Dakota and Sioux are very close to Lakota)

Name:Keezheekoni (Chippewa for Burning Fire)
Family:Her husband and three sons died in battle. Its just her and her daughter.
History:All the men of the village went off to battle with the white men. None came back. All the men left in the village are 8 and 3 so being the chiefs wife she took her husband place and is determined to raise her village to greatness once again.
RP Sample:After wiping the tears from her eyes from her nightmare she walked out of her wigwam and into the village to wake the other women.
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Join Sheet Example
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