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 Tribe and Settlement info. MUST READ

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PostSubject: Tribe and Settlement info. MUST READ   Sat Oct 08, 2011 11:35 pm

Chippewa women were the farmers and did most of the child care and cooking. She would help her husband harvest wild rice which was a big staple. Chippewa women wore long dresses with removable sleeves. Long braids and feathers were the style for both genders.
The men were the hunters and warriors. They built the bark wigwams when they started a family and helped their wives harvest wild rice and taught their children to hunt and fish. They wore beech clothes and leggings and everybody wore moccasins. Positons Needed. Healer, Warriors(Men), Women and Children.

The Lakota peoples lived on the go. Their houses broke down and they were ready to leave in a hour. The women of the house was responsible for this as well as child rearing, cooking and cleaning. The Lakota women wore deerskin or elkskin dresses and their hair was typically in a long braid.
The Lakota men were the hunters, gathers and went to war. They were the ones to become the chiefs but SOMETIMES a women could if she showed true power and skill. The men wore beech skin and leggings and buckskin shirts. Their hair too was in a long braid and sometimes with feathers here or there.
Positions Needed. Chief, Healer, Warriors(Men), Women and Children.

White Settlement.

Women cooked, cleaned, reared the children sewed gossiped ETC while the men farmed, built, hunted, traded ETC. The well off families had indentured slaves most times to do the work for them. There were only 3 MAYBE 4 well off families in the settlement. Settlements also had cattle and horses.
All of these villages are based off of real American Indian peoples in the current Minnesota area.

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Tribe and Settlement info. MUST READ
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